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    Cool FoolProof Amanda Configuration

    After spending 3 days dealing with Amanda. I just compiled this document and hope it can help anybody to be far from frustration. Its' my 15 cents.

    Backup Server
    - Dell PowerVault 114T (2xLTO-2 drives)
    - Dell PowerEdge 2900 Server 2GB RAM 500GB HD
    - Ubuntu Linux 10.04 LTS AMD64 Server Edition
    Backup Client
    - Windows Server 2008 R2 with ZMC Windows Client and a variety of directories on different drives to backup.

    -Just download the ZMC WIndows Client and Install on WIndows. Have precaution about 32 bits or 64 bits versions.
    -Use the ZMC Utility for setting "./amandabackup" password to something you can remeber on server config.
    -Restart the service

    # Install Ubuntu and upgrade & install Amanda missing dependencies
    apt-get update
    apt get upgrade
    apt-get install xinetd gawk gnuplot readline-common openssh-server ca-certificates libcurl3 bsd-mailx

    # Install Amanda 3.2 downloaded
    dpkg -i amanda-backup-server_3.2.0-1Ubuntu1004_amd64.deb

    # Blank "amandabackup" password, insert to "tape" group and set password (remember)

    usermod -G tape amandabackup
    passwd -d amandabackup
    su - amandabackup

    # Add DELL-PV114T template

    nano /etc/amanda/template.d/tapetypes

    define tapetype DELL-PV114T {
    comment "Dell PV114T LTO2 (hardware compression on)"
    length 197632 mbytes
    filemark 0 kbytes
    speed 24099 kps

    # Create day configs
    # mY config uses 1 tape per week and stores on 2 weeks, using just two tapes allways Full Backup

    amserverconfig MyCOnfigName --template single-tape --tapetype DELL-PV114T --tapedev tape:/dev/nst0 --mailto [email][email protected][/email] --dumpcycle 14 --runspercycle 2 --runtapes 1 --tapecycle 2

    # Add client to backup
    amaddclient --config MyCOnfigName --client <client_ip> --diskdev \"C:/Windows\" --dumptype gui-compress
    amaddclient --config MyCOnfigName --client <client_ip> --diskdev \"D:/My\ Documents\" --dumptype gui-compress
    amaddclient --config MyCOnfigName --client <client_ip> --diskdev \"F:/Local/Image/Copy\ Files\" --dumptype gui-compress

    # Label the tapes
    # put the first tape on drive
    amlabel MyCOnfigName MyCOnfigName-01 -f

    # put the 2nd tape on drive
    amlabel MyCOnfigName MyCOnfigName-02 -f

    # edit /etc/amanda/MyCOnfigName/amanda.conf and delete 2nd line (it's duplicated on advanced.conf,
    # change the "GNUTAR" program to "DUMP" 'cause Windows doesn't know how to tar
    # save the file

    # Check the config as "amandabackup"
    amcheck MyCOnfigName

    # crontab -e as amandabackup user
    1 23 * * 1 /usr/sbin/amdump MyCOnfigName

    ***** THATS ALL ********

    Greetings From Peru!!
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    I must say I admire your hard work, and your sharing. Your quick worksheet is much appreciated!
    I'm trying to just set up local backups on a few servers (that will have mount points from/on a DataDomain system) and just run the jobs on/from the server "localhost" to the local mount point ( /mnt/nfs/dd1 for example ). What files do I need to edit to make this happen? I know about the /etc/amanda/MyConfig/disklist ... also I'm kinda of sketchy on where to configure the destination DIR for the backup job... is that in the /etc/amanda/MyConfig/amanda.conf ? And if so, where in that file do I make that change? Your assistance is much appreciated!!!

    Jake the Fake

    Hola Peru! Qua sabes?
    jtf - Jake the Fake

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    Default Thanks

    As an Amanda neophyte, I thank you for posting this. I tried to get the version of Amanda in the repositories (2.6.1 I think) working in Ubuntu 10.04 LTS, and was wondering why the repos are so downlevel. I understand that Amanda is rock solid even if a bit arcane to get installed and configured for the uninitiated. Looking forward to trying out your steps.

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    Default So far so good

    My configuration is a little bit different, but with the help of your document and with the help of the Amanda "Build a Basic Configuration" document here:
    I was able to get server installed and do a basic subdirectory backup and restore.
    Thanks especially for directing the install of the current Debian package for Ubuntu - previously I tried installing from the repositories which appeared to go well but was difficult to get configured due to mistakes in the config files in the repositories. The repositories are also downlevel at 2.6.0p1 I think.
    Amanda is a little bit arcane, but I begin to see that it really is full featured and powerful. The learning curve for a newbie like myself is steep though.

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    Default Backup source file location and destination location

    Hello Jake:
    Although I am not an Amanda expert, I think I can offer an answer to your question.
    Let's deal with the location for the source files to be backed up first. In the Foolproof setup document you will recall that you created a subdirectory under /etc/amanda which holds a Config directory with a name you choose. In the example the name was MyCOnfigName. An Amanda Config directory is analogous to what is called a Backup Job in other backup systems - almost everything about the job is entered into the amanda.conf file for the config.
    In the example, the author added three client file systems to the config using amaddclient. The amaddclient command adds entries to the amanda.conf file and the disklist file. You don't need to do amaddclient since all your file systems are mounted locally on localhost.

    On the localhost, you need only to add a Disk List Entry (DLE) to the disklist
    file for the config.
    That part should be pretty easy - just edit the disklist file in your config and use the example format for the DLE:
    localhost /etc simple-gnutar-local
    localhost /yourfilesystem/yoursubdirectory simple-gnutar-local

    You may want to examine the document here:
    This example configuration is closer to what you are trying to do, since it is backing up a local file system (/etc) onto virtual tape devices (files on disk) created on another local filesystem. Pay attention to the length (file size) under tape type, then pay attention to the tpchanger section which has the important parameters for the vtape files, the tapecycle (how many days in the total job cycle) and the runspercycle and dumpcycle. These are confusing but this page on the Centos website is helpful in defining terms:

    Your amanda.conf file should be very similar to the one in the GSWA Build a Basic Configuration document - note that it sets up a "tape changer" and "tape type" even though the backups are going to disk. The vtapes directory has slots in it - the slots are the virtual tapes, and the backup job will write files into the slots in turn.

    Note that in the previous block of the example the actual directories for the virtual tapes were created and the proper file system permissions applied.

    I think if you'll follow this example rather than the Foolproof config, you will be able to add your locally mounted disks as disk list entries (DLEs) under your same config.

    I know this doesn't have a point by point checklist to do the whole config, but I hope it points you to the right place to get the job done. Amanda is tricky to configure, but once you have it configured, it will be rock solid.

    Hang in there and good luck with your setup. Don't give up!

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