I have been testing Amanda 3.2 to see if it is ready for prime time in my infrastructure and I keep getting random errors.
This is from the my /etc/amanda/daily/log.20101103122015.0:

FINISH planner date 20101103122015 time 86.022
INFO planner pid-done 26287
INFO dumper gzip pid 26384
START taper datestamp 20101103122015 label daily-2 tape 1
PART taper daily-2 1 server "F:/Share" 20101103122015 1/-1 0 [sec 1687.944058 kb 4931157 kps 2921.398358]
SUCCESS dumper server "F:/Share" 20101103122015 0 [sec 1698.451 kb 4931158 kps 2903.3 orig-kb 4939246]
INFO dumper pid-done 26384
DONE taper server "F:/Share" 20101103122015 1 0 [sec 1688.000000 kb 4931157 kps 2921.301540 orig-kb 4939246]
STATS driver estimate server "F:/Share" 20101103122015 0 [sec 2411 nkb 4939278 ckb 2469664 kps 1024]
FAIL driver desktop "C:/Users/wililupy" 20101103122015 1 [can't dump in degraded mode]
INFO dumper pid-done 26291
INFO taper tape daily-2 kb 4931157 fm 1 [OK]
INFO dumper pid-done 26290
INFO dumper pid-done 26292
INFO dumper pid-done 26293
INFO taper pid-done 26289
FINISH driver date 20101103122015 time 1785.569
INFO driver pid-done 26288
The "Can't dump in degraded mode" is what confuses me. I successfully ran an amdump of desktop an hour earlier and was successful, however, server had that error before, so I uninstalled and re-installed the ZWC and now server is working, but desktop is not. I am running ZWC 3.1.3 on all my clients.

I am currently using vtapes, but eventually, I plan on using amvault to take my full backups and move them to tape in the event of hard drive failure/offsite capabilities. That is my next step, once I get a complete backup of three servers.