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Thread: tape_splitsize does not work

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    Default tape_splitsize does not work


    I created a dumptype in /etc/amanda/template.d/dumptype as the following for my windows clients:

    define dumptype zwc-compress {
    auth "bsdtcp"
    tape_splitsize 2 Gb
    split_diskbuffer "/recover/dump/split_diskbuffer"
    compress client fast
    program "DUMP"

    but when I run amdump daily my splits are only 10MB in size, and this is causing my backups to take over 12 hours to do for 80gb.

    I have tried adding fallback_splitsize to 1 Gb but I don't have enough RAM on the server for that, that is why I use the diskbuffer, but it is not working either,

    I am running Amanda Server 3.1.2 and have had nothing but problems with this "Stable" release. I am almost tempted to go back to 2.6.2 p1 since everything worked perfect for it. Heck, even running

    amserverconfig daily -template tape-changer -tapetype DLT8000 \
    --tpchanger chg-zd-mtx --tapedev /dev/nst0 --changerdev /dev/sg0\
    --mailto amandabackup --dumpcycle 1week --runspercycle 5\
    --runtapes 3 --tapecycle 8

    brings up an error that I need a config specified (could have sworn that's what "daily" meant)

    I have had to run amserverconfig daily and then manually edit /etc/amanda/daily/amanda.conf manually to get it to work.

    I'm running it on Ubuntu 10.04 server. If you need any more information, let me know.

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    Default 3.1.3 available now

    I see that 3.1.3 is available now. I'll try it and see if it works better.

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    Default Still no dice.

    Still no joy. I get the same error after the upgrade to 3.1.3.

    I guess I'll go back to 2.6.

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    Wink Figured out.

    Took me a while to figure it out, but after talking to a Zmanda tech about a similar situation with our zmanda configuration, I realized that that my split_diskbuffer was not pointed to a proper path. It was pointed to a location that did not exist. I guess it was my fault for not reading (or reading too much) into the documentation. Once I put my split_diskbuffer to a path, I am now getting the proper split size on my tapes.

    I have now changed my template.d to read this:

    define dumptype zwc-compress {
    auth "bsdtcp"
    tape_splitsize 2 Gb
    split_diskbuffer "/recover/dump"
    compress client fast
    program "DUMP"

    Works fine now, just remember, when making a split_diskbuffer, it has to be an absolute path, not referencing a file. The documentation was a little unclear about this.

    Learn from my mistake.
    Trial and error.
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