As promised, we have the first beta version of Amanda-3.2.0 out today.
It's available from

[url][/url] (binary packages; version
[url][/url] (tarball; under "Development")

The more testing this release can get, the better. And the more that
can happen before I leave (two weeks from today) the better for
Jean-Louis' sanity. In particular, please test-drive the new
features. If you can email the list to let everyone know you're
testing, and of course let us know whether things succeed or fail,
that would be great. As always, I'm in #amanda on freenode if you'd
like interactive help testing or debugging, or just want to yell at me
for introducing so many new bugs.

- multiple simultaneous tapers (!!)

This is a big one, obviously. See

- LEOM support (lossless splitting)

If you're using tapes, you will need to set the LEOM property to TRUE
to take advantage of this. If you're using vtapes, it's enabled by
default. In concert with the new splitting parameters, this can make
your backups faster and eliminate the need for part caches.

- new, simpler splitting parameters

These are part-cache-size, part-cache-type, part-cache-dir, and
part-cache-max-size. They are described in amanda.conf(5), including
in a special section at the very end.

- massive amvault improvements

Give it a whirl!

- retirement of most old changers

Not much to test here, but FYI..

- per-client recovery permissions

A last-minute addition! See

I'd appreciate not only a test-drive, but some additional code review
here, since it's a security-sensitive change:

- SSL authentication

this didn't make it in yet, although we're considering adding it
during the beta period.