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Thread: problem with chg-disk and slot numbers greater 9

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    Default problem with chg-disk and slot numbers greater 9


    i hope i'm in the correct place her for this, i couldn't find any other place to send a patch ...

    we have an problem with chg-disk and slot numbers greater 9
    if we have 10 or more slots as virtual tapes, in our case 18, slot1 wouldn't be loaded.

    The problem seems in the, in the _get_next function in the line:
    # Otherwise, search through all slots
    my @all_slots = $self->_all_slots();
    my $prev = $all_slots[-1];
    for $next_slot (@all_slots) {
    return $next_slot if ($prev == $slot);
    $prev = $next_slot;

    after the function _all_slots deliveres an lexical sorted list of list, not numerical, the the number 18 would be before 2 and not 1

    to fix this short we had patched the function _all_slots to give back an numerical sorted list, so the behavior would be right.

    i add an patch against the 3.1.2 source code
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    Thanks! I've committed the patch in r3419.

    Generally the best place for patches is on the amanda-users or amanda-hackers mailing lists - [url][/url].

    Please let us know of any other fixes or improvements you might have!

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    thx for the commit and the information, i will keep the mailing lists in mind

    this was the only fix we needed by now

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    Great. Please do post details about your configuration, storage device(s) used, observed performance etc. These details are very useful for other Amanda users.


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