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Thread: Incremental/Differential Backups on Frequency

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    Default Incremental/Differential Backups on Frequency

    I was wondering if there were any plans to setup a backup based on frequency, i.e. backup a DB every XX minutes/days/hours/etc...?

    I assume I could schedule a backup of this type now by setting up an incremental backup manually every 15 minutes, but that would take a while, and would be messy. This would be a great addition to add!

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    Can you get the effect you want by creating a separate configuration and calling that from cron as needed?


    Database: Backs up just the database, and is called once an hour from 06:00 to 22:00, every other hour from 24:00 to 04:00.

    DailySet1: backs up everything else, and called once a day.

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    I could, but then that begins to expand the work needed to manage the process. I wanted to do it all within ZCB, so I didn't need to manage each piece separately.

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    We are looking into ways of making a frequency based backup easier to schedule with ZCB (without having user to input multiple schedules).


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