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    I am a new user of Amanda and trying to set up a test environment so I can practice backing up and restoring files before I move the server into a production situation.

    So far I have been able to set up my backup user on the client and server (testing it with 2 linux computers trying just to back up a simple directory with minimal file on both the server and separate computer). Amcheck on the configuration says that everything is fine with my configuration so I went ahead and attempted to run amdump.

    The dump basically stalls for a long time but I let it run to completion and in the log file I get these errors:

    FAIL dumper 192.*.*.* /home/....../ 20100830045822 0 [Can't open data output stream: Connection refused]
    sendbackup: start [ level 0]
    sendbackup: info BACKUP=/bin/tar
    sendbackup: info RECOVER_CMD=/bin/gzip -dc |/bin/tar -xpGf - ...
    sendbackup: info COMPRESS_SUFFIX=.gz
    sendbackup: info end
    FAIL chunker 192.*.*.* /home/....../ 20100830045822 0 [error accepting data stream: Connection timed out]

    I have been trying to figure out the problem, I am trying to use auth='bsdtcp' which it is configured in my xinet configuration files. I am not sure what other files you need to see where the problem is. Let me know and I will post it.

    Thanks for the help

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    Been reading other forums and other sites on topics as close to this as I can find but nothing so far to fix it. Below are my xinet and amanda.conf files. I am using the exact same configurations currently on a different computer and I am not sure why it works on one and not the other.

    I installed the *.deb packages for the latest 3.1.2 from the amanda sites on both computers, on the one that works it is using the amd64 package while the failing on is the i386 package.

    xinet has been restarted several times, the ports from the quick start guide have been added to the /etc/services file. I have my .amandahost file with the proper computers added to it.

    Searching through the debug logs for the problem instead of just the normal logs I found this section of code in one of the dumper logs.

    Tue Aug 31 06:11:32 2010: dumper: Sending data to
    Tue Aug 31 06:11:32 2010: dumper: make_socket opening socket with family 2
    Tue Aug 31 06:11:32 2010: dumper: connect_port: Try  port 11000: available - Success
    Tue Aug 31 06:11:32 2010: dumper: connect_portrange: Connect from failed: Connection refused
    Tue Aug 31 06:11:32 2010: dumper: connect_portrange: connect to failed: Connection refused
    Tue Aug 31 06:11:32 2010: dumper: stream_client: Could not bind to port in range 11000-11040.
    Tue Aug 31 06:11:32 2010: dumper: security_stream_close(0x8b5afd8)
    Tue Aug 31 06:11:32 2010: dumper: security_stream_close(0x8b63010)
    Tue Aug 31 06:11:32 2010: dumper: security_stream_close(0x8b6b048)
    Tue Aug 31 06:11:32 2010: dumper: putresult: 10 FAILED
    If I compare it to my working system the failing connect_portrange succeeds so I believe this is where my problem is. The amcheck works fine when I test it, netstat -tl shows that amanda is listening.

    This same problem comes up if I am trying to backup a file from a local file and if I try to backup on another system. Though if I try and backup a file from my working system that is on the failing system it works. Any suggestions on what I could do to fix the system would be greatly appreciated.

    I forgot to mention I also attempted to change the flags in the xinet from IPv4 to IPv6 to no avail.

    org "*****"
    mailto "*****"
    dumpcycle 7
    runspercycle 5
    tapecycle 1
    etimeout 60            # number of seconds per filesystem for estimates.
    dtimeout 300           # number of idle seconds before a dump is aborted.
    ctimeout 30             # maximum number of seconds that amcheck waits
                            # for each client host
    dumpuser "amandabackup"
    #tpchanger "chg-disk:/mnt/backup_drive/amanda"                            # a virtual tape changer
    labelstr "TEST[0-9][0-9]*"
    tapedev "file:/mnt/backup_drive/amanda/test/TEST"
    tapetype TEST_TAPE
    logdir "/var/lib/amanda/test"
    infofile "/var/lib/amanda/test/curinfo"
    indexdir "/var/lib/amanda/test/index"
    tapelist "/var/lib/amanda/test/tapelist"
    holdingdisk hd1 {
        directory "/tmp/amanda"
    define dumptype comp-tar {
        program "GNUTAR"
        compress fast
        auth "bsdtcp"
        index yes
        record yes           # Important! avoid interfering with production runs
    define tapetype TEST_TAPE {
        comment "Test tape to dump onto harddrive"
        length 2700 MB

    service amanda
            disable         = no
            flags           = IPv4
            socket_type     = stream
            protocol        = tcp
            wait            = no
            user            = amandabackup
            group           = disk
            groups          = yes
            server          = /usr/libexec/amanda/amandad
            server_args     = -auth=bsdtcp amdump amindexd amidxtaped

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