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Thread: Return Error Code 402 with MSSQL

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    Default Return Error Code 402 with MSSQL

    What would cause this return code to be raised?
    This is running the MSSQL application with Amanda 3.0.0

    When job is running, monitor displays:
    Backup Failed: dumper [return error code 402]

    Summary Report includes:

    FAILURE SUMMARY: SQL01 MSSQL lev 1 FAILED [data read: recv error: Connection reset by peer]
    SQL01 MSSQL lev 1 FAILED [too many dumper retry: "[request failed: Connection refused]"]

    "Data time out" value is set to maximum (but the failure occurs within 10 minutes of the start of the job)

    In some executions, there is a "partial" backup and there have been successful backups. ... very erratic results.
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