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Thread: concurrent write to 2 lto4

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    Default concurrent write to 2 lto4

    is it possible to write to 2 lto4 drives at the same time?
    simply said I wish to have 2 back up tapes.

    basically: BackUp a dir with 700 GB of stuff to 2 different tape drives , 2 different tapes at the same time so that at the end of the back up I have 2 tapes with the exact same content.

    is that possible and if so how?


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    I think your only option is to create 2 backup sets containing a portion of each directory.
    And to assign each set to a different drive.
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    Actually, since you provided more detail here than on your amanda-users post, the answer is different.

    If you want to mirror to two tapes, use the RAIT device/changer.

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