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Thread: backup fails through cron

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    Default backup fails through cron

    Snapshot backups succeed when ran manually from console, but fail if ran from cron:

    db1shard1:backup:INFO: mysql-zrm-version=ZRM for MySQL Community Edition - version 2.2.0
    db1shard1:backup:INFO: mysql-version=5.0.77-log
    db1:backup:ERROR: Command /usr/share/mysql-zrm/plugins/ --action get-vm-device-details --directory /sql/var/lib/mysql/. --sname zrmCsx2pDMxu4 2>/tmp/sijtMnKyyX returned error
    db1:backup:WARNING: Error getting device details for /sql/var/lib/mysql/.
    db1:backup:WARNING: Output of command: 'Getting Device Details' is {
    sudo: sorry, you must have a tty to run sudo
     Failed to find database: /sql/var/lib/mysql/.
    db1:backup:INFO: PHASE END: Creating snapshot based backup
    db1:backup:ERROR: Snapshot backup failed

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    Never mind, I should have searched before posting, my bad...
    This was already answered here:

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