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Thread: modify disklist with amaddclient

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    Default modify disklist with amaddclient


    I have installed Amanda backup server 3.1.1-1 for RHEL 5_x86 on a Centos 5.3 64 bit box, and the same version of Amanda backup client on another box with the same OS. Both use the ext3 file system.

    I am successfully backing up a with Amanda. I set up the initial backup job with the following command (FQDN obscured by me in this example):
    amaddclient --config DailySet1 --client --diskdev /var/www/html --dumptype comp-user-tar
    I now want to change what I am backing up, and add other directories. Instead of backing up /var/www/html, I want to back up /var, as well as /etc.

    I used the following command as the amandabackup user to do this:
    -sh-3.2$ amaddclient --config Dailyset1 --client --m --diskdev /var /etc --dumptype comp-usr-tar
    This command resulted in the following errror:
    Logging to /var/log/amanda/amaddclient.20100716141601.debug
    ERROR: Cannot open /etc/amanda/Dailyset1/amanda.conf file : No such file or directory
    -sh-3.2$ pwd
    However, the error does not seem valid since this file does exist as shown below:
    -sh-3.2$ pwd
    -sh-3.2$ ls -la
    total 264
    drwxr-x--- 5 amandabackup disk  4096 Jul 16 01:00 .
    drwxr-x--- 4 amandabackup disk  4096 Jul 16 01:00 ..
    -rw-r--r-- 1 amandabackup disk  6903 Jul 12 12:50 advanced.conf
    -rw------- 1 amandabackup disk  1427 Jul 12 12:50 amanda.conf
    I also ran this command from this directory.

    Unfortunately, the man page for amaddclient is somewhat brief, and I cannot find examples of using the --m switch, or for backing up multiple directories. I don't want to backup the whole file system since I fear stuff in /dev could cause a problem.

    I also don't want to manually edit /etc/amanda/DailySet1/disklist since I see several posts here warning that this could cause problems with Amanda.

    Can anyone give some guidance on how I can modify my disklist, or point out if I am doing anything obviously wrong? Does the --diskdev switch accept multiple directories, and if so, and I using the correct syntax?


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    You have a typo. Use DailySet1 (note the capital "S") instead of Dailyset1. Remember Linux is case-sensitive!

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    Quote Originally Posted by jours View Post
    You have a typo. Use DailySet1 (note the capital "S") instead of Dailyset1. Remember Linux is case-sensitive!
    Yes, saw this 2 days ago and got it working. Didn't modify with the -m switch, just ran the same command i did the first time but using /var. Now /var is backed up as well as the /var/www/html directory further down the structure. I will try modifying so there isn't that redundancy in what is backed up.


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