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Thread: Tape spanning issues

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    Default Tape spanning issues

    Am currently testing Amanda.

    I have 7 tape autoloader with an LTO drive in it.
    When backing up an entry that is smaller than one tape, backup runs great, amrecover recovers. Fantastic.

    However, when the data needs to span more than one tape I this error:
    driver: result time 10636.795 from dumper0: FAILED 00-00001 "[data write: Connection reset by peer]"

    messages shows:
    sendbackup: index tee cannot write [Broken pipe]

    Setting the tcp_keepalive_time to 180000 did not help, firewall is disabled.

    I probably have something misconfigured, but am not sure where to look.
    amcheck returns 0 errors.
    tapetype is from amtapetype output

    Not using any holdingdisk because my target will be much larger than any disk I would be able to use.
    not using client, everything is local to server.

    Thanks for any insight.

    Attached is amanda.conf file
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    Default EDIT, found this in the log file

    PART taper DailySet1-02 19 /media/nss/VOL1/DATA 20100622085635 19/-1 0 [sec 790.425850 kb 5242880 kps 6632.981449]
    PARTPARTIAL taper DailySet1-02 20 /media/nss/VOL1/DATA 20100622085635 20/-1 0 [sec 656.014597 kb 4258560 kps 6491.562870] "No space left on device"
    INFO taper Will request retry of failed split part.
    INFO taper tape DailySet1-02 kb 99614720 fm 20 [OK]
    START taper datestamp 20100622085635 label DailySet1-01 tape 2
    FATAL taper file xfer-dest-taper-splitter.c: line 762 (slab_source_get_from_disk): assertion failed: (state->slice)
    WARNING driver Taper protocol error
    WARNING driver going into degraded mode because of taper component error.
    INFO dumper pid-done 1908
    FAIL dumper /media/nss/VOL1/DATA 20100622085635 0 [data write: Connection reset by peer]
    sendbackup: start [ level 0]
    sendbackup: info BACKUP=/bin/tar
    sendbackup: info RECOVER_CMD=/usr/bin/gzip -dc |/bin/tar -xpGf - ...
    sendbackup: info COMPRESS_SUFFIX=.gz
    sendbackup: info end
    INFO dumper pid-done 1792
    WARNING driver taper pid 1791 exited with signal 6
    INFO dumper pid-done 1794
    INFO dumper pid-done 1795
    INFO dumper pid-done 1801
    FINISH driver date 20100622085635 time 16100.647
    INFO driver pid-done 1783

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