I have been search for the reason for the warning message. I have not been able to figure out what I am missing. I have reviewed and double checked most of the settings. Here are some of my files.

Client Side
amanda stream tcp nowait amandabackup /usr/lib/amanda/amandad.exe amandad -auth=bsdtcp amdump amindexd amidxtaped

sd-lnsrv02.vfz.lab amandabackup amindexd amidxtaped

conf "DailySet1"
auth "bsdtcp"
index_server "sd-lnsrv02.vfz.lab"
tape_server "sd-lnsrv02.vfz.lab"

Server Side
localhost root amindexd amidxtaped
localhost amandabackup
localhost.localdomain root amindexd amidxtaped
localhost.localdomain amandabackup
#sdspdxr3.vfz.lab root amindexd amidxtaped
sdspdxr3.vfz.lab amandabackup amindexd amidxtaped
sd-lnsrv02 amandabackup amdump
sd-lnsrv02 root amindexd amdixtaped

sdspdxr3.vfz.lab D:\ hard-disk-tar
sd-lnsrv02 /boot hard-disk-dump

Let me know if there is any other information that can help