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Thread: Problem: amrecover from S3

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    Unhappy Problem: amrecover from S3

    Hi Community,
    this is my first post here, and i hope you can understand my bad english.

    i Successfully set-up Zmanda 3.1.0 Server and Dumped some files to S3.

    Now, when i try to recover the Files with amrecover i got a strange Error:

    amanda@amandaclient:~/Desktop/Restore$ sudo amrecover test
    AMRECOVER Version 3.1.0. Contacting server on amanda ...
    220 amanda AMANDA index server (3.1.0) ready.
    Setting restore date to today (2010-06-09)
    200 Working date set to 2010-06-09.
    200 Config set to test.
    200 Dump host set to amandaclient.
    Use the setdisk command to choose dump disk to recover
    amrecover> setdisk /home/amanda/Desktop/Backupfiles
    200 Disk set to /home/amanda/Desktop/Backupfiles.
    amrecover> add CLEMI-TESTFILE.File
    Added file /CLEMI-TESTFILE.File
    amrecover> extract

    Extracting files using tape drive chg-multi on host amanda.
    The following tapes are needed: Test-0008

    Extracting files using tape drive chg-multi on host amanda.
    Load tape Test-0008 now
    Continue [?/Y/n/s/d]? Y
    Error setting 's3_secret_key' on device 'chg-multi'
    Load tape Test-0008 now
    Continue [?/Y/n/d]?
    I Set the Keys (Access&Secret) in my Amanda.conf as Device-Property.
    Is there an alternate Place to Set the Keys?

    Greetings and thank you for your help


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    "using tape drive chg-multi" doesn't sound quite right. You should set amrecover_changer to "changer" in amanda.conf, and then set tapedev to "changer" in amanda-client.conf.

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    Hi Dustin,
    thank you for your help.
    i connected my system with success

    Another Question, is it possible to recieve notification mails for amrecover such as amdump does?

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    I had a similar issue attempting to restore from a successful backup to Amazon S3. The error generally said unable to access s3, and listed disk file as the value it was trying to use for S3 -- "file://data/amanda/vtape/DailySet1"

    At some point (probably messing with the 15 minute setup guide) I had set "tapedev "file://data/amanda/vtape/DailySet1" # your tape device" in amanda-client.conf.

    I resolved the issue by commenting out the tapedev setting in the amanda-client.conf on every server so the clients would get the S3 info from the server.

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