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    Default Email configuration

    Hi, i'm asking too much i guess..

    well i read the amanda 15 minute setup white paper things are working though initially experience hasn't been that smooth... , well in that whitepaper it was mentioned that


    Quartz is able to send mail to the root user.

    Please please can someone tell how is that possible, where do i put in the smtp server configuration in zmanda. As i do in windows the application asks for smtp server address and the same is given, n it starts working, but what to do in this case for zmanda to send mail. Do i have to configure some mail agent on my server... like sendmail or somethin...

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    Yes you have. Please look at the configuration of theese, there is a "Relayhost" to define, this is your smtp-server. Your server must be able to send an email with mail command after that define the Path to mail command in amanda.conf.


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    Default Mysql ZRM email configuration

    I searched in the config files of Mysql ZRM but what i could find is just a mailTo address as given below. This is from mysql-zrm.conf.

    # After a backup run the backup report is emailed to the mailto address
    # This parameter is optional and default behavior is not to send mail
    # notifications.
    mailto="[email protected]"

    I couldn't find any SMTP configurations or relay server configurations. The issue that i have is the realyServer is different from the machine where mysql-ZRM is installed.
    Can anyone please help.

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    ZRM uses "mail" command as mysql user to send emails from the ZRM server. You will
    have to configure mail on the ZRM server to send emails to the mail server.

    You can use .mailrc (set smtp server) for mysql user. Please see man pages for mailrc


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