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Thread: Amrecover problem

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    Default Amrecover problem

    I have one problem to use the command amrecover

    my dumptype config in amanda.conf is:

    define dumptype root-tar {
    auth "bsdtcp"
    program "GNUTAR"
    comment "backup usando tar"
    compress none
    index yes
    priority low

    I use amcheck and amdump without problems, but when I use amarecover
    and do setdisk /dir return the message:

    No index records for disk for specified date
    If date correct, notify system administrator

    someone can help me ?

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    please send the output how you connect with amrecover. It might be that you do not connect with either the index or the tape server.

    The second thing wich comes to my mind is that you really have no index to this date. "history" shows you every dump. You could set the date of e.g. yesterday "setdate 20100609" (or with - inside, I do not have my server here yet)


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