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Thread: I can't do incremental backup

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    Default I can't do incremental backup

    I need your help, i am trying to configure amanda for incremental backup, i have saw in differents places but not found the answer. My configuration file is similry to:

    dumpcycle 2 week
    runspercycle 14
    tapecycle 28
    runtapes 1

    All the time the backups are full, what i can do it.
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    First of all, what dumptype are you using? And is there a option strategy set?


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    My dumptype is zwc-compress, and the strategy is standard. I notice that the problem is only with the windows pc.

    I tryin with windows client and only do one time incrmental backup, the next or two it doesn't work.

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    It may be because this DLE is getting over promoted. Is there a message in the Amanda report that the entry has been promoted from so many days ahead?

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