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Thread: Amanda witout tar/tapes

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    I wonder if there is any chance to use amanda without tar or "virtual" tapes.
    What I need is to backup files but I don't want to compress or store them on tapes.

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    Amanda seems to be built around the idea of tapes.

    I strongly suspect that there was originally no support for "to disk" backups at all and that was added in much later when hard drive capacity grew.

    Amanda uses tapes (physical or virtual) as a unit of storage to keep track of what data it's overwriting, so even if you don't want to copy to tape or removable media there are still benefits to using vtapes.

    Tar/dump serve to bundle up files on the client side to allow for better efficiency transferring data over the network (transferring one big chunk instead of having to restart network connections for each file).

    If you only want a single backup/mirror and don't want to have a "tape" cycle or a server managing indexes you could use something like rsync instead of Amanda. Rsync will sync up filesystems over the network and doesn't have tapes/tar involved. You lose incremental and point in time data recovery and (depending on how you set it up) might not have a lot of data redunancy, but it's a good tool for network copying.

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