I've nearly completed an Amanda Script-API plugin that provides support for LVM snapshots. It successfully creates and mounts a snapshot in the pre-dle-backup phase and un-mounts and removes the snapshot during post-dle-backup. However, I'm not sure of one very important thing: How do I inform the server process of the location of the new mount point?

The ZFS plugin outputs a line message "PROPERTY directory <directory_value>" that seems to define the path to the ZFS snapshot directory, so I basically copied that same implementation. Though, when I look at the debug logs there's no indication that the path to the mounted snapshot is the one being backed up.

If anyone could help I'd greatly appreciate it.

Oh, the plugin is [URL="http://github.com/marxarelli/amlvm-snapshot"]hosted at GitHub[/URL] for anyone who's interested (also, for code reference.)