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Thread: Amanda + Openfiler > Backup scenario

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    Default Amanda + Openfiler > Backup scenario


    We would like to deploy a solution for make backup of 10 server (4 win server + 4 linux server + 2 VM linux server) to 1 single server setting as storage

    For this we have plan to use:
    Amanda Community version - as backup software
    Openfiler - as storage distro

    We have 2 server free for this (we cannot buy a storage unit at this time)

    DELL R210
    Intel Xeon X3430 2,4GHz
    2 GB RAM
    PERC H200

    DELL R200
    Intel Xeon 3065 2.33GHz
    1 GB RAM
    SAS 6IR

    For server that will be storage:
    2 x HD SATA 2TB - Raid 1

    So, best solution may be to installed amanda on one server and openfiler in other server.. right ?

    What suggest best server for amanda and what for openfiler ?

    Or do you think that 2 server is not needed ?

    Another solutions may be a Vmware server with 2 VM (amanda and openfiler) for use only 1 server.. may be a bad idea ?

    Both serv use a private lan GB

    Please to post suggest and idea to best scenario and usage with this software and hardware solutions. We can add more RAM to both server.


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    You should use the server with more memory for Amanda especially if you are planning to do backup compression on the server.

    You cannot run Amanda and OpenFiler on the same server. Amanda is not supported on OpenFiler unless you are willing to compile Amanda server for Open Filer. This is more

    If you want to run both Amanda and OpenFiler on the same physical server, you will have to run them both as virtual machines. Amanda server works well on a virtual machine.


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