I am in the process of rolling out our company's backup system (including our databases). We are storing data offsite, and using a simple FTP transfer to do so. As such, I want to do all FTP transfer in one spot, which is after our Amanda backup.

The approach I'm following is that after our databases are backed up, our Amanda system will backup up those directories. We have a very long retention policy for one of our databases, and so, if I simply backup the ZRM dump directory for that backup set, I could see the size of the vtapes become huge. Even with doing incrementals, we will hit the initial threshold very quickly.

Initially I figured that I could make use of the post-backup plugin, and copy the most recent dump from ZRM to a storage location, and Amanda would simply backup that storage location. This location would only store one dump at a time. This solution runs into a problem if we run multiple data dumps in a single day and we are using incremental backup.

If I was aware of whether or not an incremental vs. a full backup was performed, this issue could be resolved, however, I don't believe that parameter is passed into the script.

Another solution could be to have two backup sets, one that is run only for the full (would be once a week), and one for the incrementals and have separate post-backup scripts to be able to handle the differences.

Any help, or insight into this would be much appreciated.

Thank you,

Dan Slack
Langui Systems Inc.