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    I read the book about how Amanda scheduling the dump with multiple clients, and how it even out the process so the system resource don't have spike. Here is the link if someone wants to read about it. [URL=""][/URL]

    In the example, there are four DLEs and four tapes (DailySet1-4). Amanda will normally do full-backup on first machine to first tape on day1, then do full backup to 2nd machine and some incremental backup of first machine to the 2nd tape on day2, and so on.

    My question is:
    1. Does this mean if the machine 3 need restore on day1, Amanda simply won't recover it, because this schedule?

    2. The example have 4 tapes, one for each DLE. If the 1st tape is used for 2nd time full backup, doesn't it mean the incremental backup (level 1) from day 2 to day 4 become useless? Because those backup need to combine with full backup to be useful.

    3. So how do you tell Amanda the period of time you want you backup to exist? Say, I want my backup to cover past 3 months time, and with 3 full backup each month and incremental on each day.


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    amanda can restore all backups that are still on tape.

    tapecyle 93 # don't overwrite a tape before 92 others tape are written
    dumpcycle 10 # a full every 10 days

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