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Thread: Backup report via email: customization

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    Default Backup report via email: customization


    Is it possible to customize the report that amanda sends via email at the end of each backup job?
    In particular I would like to change the Subject line in order to display the status of the finished job (OK or FAILED).

    Thank you.


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    There's not a way to customize the subject (the question is actually a lot more complicated than "OK" or "FAILED", since Amanda is so fault-tolerant).

    However, you can use the send-amreport-on parameter:

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    Thumbs up Thanks & clarification

    Thanks for pointing this out, Dustin.

    To make sure I understand correctly, since my amanda.conf doesn't include the "send-amreport-on" statement, the default value is 'all' which means that Amanda sends email amreports on all amdump runs, successful or not.

    If I wish to have Amanda send amreports via email on ONLY non-successful amdumps, then I need to include the following statement:

    send-amreport-on strange

    which will then send emails on strange and/or error messages, right?

    While this statement

    send-amreport-on error

    will generate email amreports only on error messages, but not strange messages, correct?

    Thanks again for pointing this out.


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    Default Backup report via email: customization - sender

    Hello everyone, is possible to change the email sender of amanda reports???
    I'd like to costumize this field....


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    Use .mailrc for amandabackup user to set the Sender appropriately

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    Default Amanda.conf?

    On Windows, is "Amanda.conf" actually zib.conf?

    I've just made the changes suggested, haven't been able to determine if it worked yet.

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