Sorry to be posting again so quickly but I have come across what appears to be a minor bug.

My backup sets are running correctly (including my post-plugin bash script) and at the correct time. However the zrm web server seems to get stuck and will not display any new backups under summary until I restart the server. If I check the Reports->Events page it shows the backups running and completing successfully.

Upon restarting zmc_zrm all backups appear on the web page correctly.

This has happened twice now since I installed. This last problem showed the last backup to have been 9pm on the 7/12/09, all the backups for the 8th and the 1 backup for this morning were missing.

It appears to last a couple of days before needing another restart.

If it occurs again I will add a restart to crontab but if there is anything I can do to help you investigate this for me I would be very happy to help.

Kind Regards