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Thread: Scheduled Jobs Not Running At Correct Time

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    Question Scheduled Jobs Not Running At Correct Time


    My scheduled jobs in Zrm Enterprise are not running at the correct time.

    I believe this is an issue with timezones.

    The timezone when I installed zrm was set to EDT when I noticed this I changed it to GMT. However all scheduled backups are still running 5hrs behind.

    I tried editing /opt/zmanda/zrm/php/etc/php.ini


    date.timezone = "GMT"

    and then restarting zrm which has fixed dates for things like "User Date Created" but doesn't appear to have helped the backup schedule.

    Does anyone have any suggestions or will I have to reinstall ZRM?



    P.S. Sorry for posting in the wrong forum but I have only recently requested access.

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    I recreated the backup set from scratch and I *think* that has fixed this issue.

    I will post back to confirm when the next scheduled backup runs.

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    Sorry ignore that, it is still broken.

    Any help would be appreciated as I don't really want to have to reinstall.

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    Please check the cron tab of the mysql user for the cron job which is in charge of the scheduling. This will execute the backups according to the system time.

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    This is a little strange, I assume this must be a OS problem.

    Everything appears to be set correctly but cron isn't calling the scheduled tasks at the correct time. Looking at the cron log its still 5hours out.

    I will do some Googling on cron issues.



    Sun Dec  6 16:19:08 GMT 2009

    crontab -e -u mysql
    # Crontab entries for mysql-zrm package
    0 6 * * * /usr/bin/mysql-zrm --action purge
    0 21 * * * /usr/bin/zrm-pre-scheduler --action backup --backup-set DailyRaw --backup-level 0 --interval daily
    0 10 * * * /usr/bin/zrm-pre-scheduler --action backup --backup-set DailyRaw --backup-level 1 --interval daily
    0 11 * * * /usr/bin/zrm-pre-scheduler --action backup --backup-set DailyRaw --backup-level 1 --interval daily
    0 12 * * * /usr/bin/zrm-pre-scheduler --action backup --backup-set DailyRaw --backup-level 1 --interval daily
    0 13 * * * /usr/bin/zrm-pre-scheduler --action backup --backup-set DailyRaw --backup-level 1 --interval daily
    0 14 * * * /usr/bin/zrm-pre-scheduler --action backup --backup-set DailyRaw --backup-level 1 --interval daily
    0 15 * * * /usr/bin/zrm-pre-scheduler --action backup --backup-set DailyRaw --backup-level 1 --interval daily
    0 16 * * * /usr/bin/zrm-pre-scheduler --action backup --backup-set DailyRaw --backup-level 1 --interval daily
    0 17 * * * /usr/bin/zrm-pre-scheduler --action backup --backup-set DailyRaw --backup-level 1 --interval daily
    0 18 * * * /usr/bin/zrm-pre-scheduler --action backup --backup-set DailyRaw --backup-level 1 --interval daily
    0 19 * * * /usr/bin/zrm-pre-scheduler --action backup --backup-set DailyRaw --backup-level 1 --interval daily
    0 0 * * 7 /usr/bin/zrm-pre-scheduler --action backup --backup-set WeeklyLogical --backup-level 0 --interval weekly
    Dec  6 13:01:01 s15370354 crond[2437]: (root) CMD (run-parts /etc/cron.hourly)
    Dec  6 13:04:01 s15370354 crond[2439]: (root) CMD (/usr/local/psa/admin/sbin/backupmng >/dev/null 2>&1)
    Dec  6 13:19:01 s15370354 crond[2442]: (root) CMD (/usr/local/psa/admin/sbin/backupmng >/dev/null 2>&1)
    Dec  6 13:34:01 s15370354 crond[2445]: (root) CMD (/usr/local/psa/admin/sbin/backupmng >/dev/null 2>&1)
    Dec  6 13:49:01 s15370354 crond[2450]: (root) CMD (/usr/local/psa/admin/sbin/backupmng >/dev/null 2>&1)
    Dec  6 14:01:01 s15370354 crond[2453]: (root) CMD (run-parts /etc/cron.hourly)
    Dec  6 14:04:01 s15370354 crond[2457]: (root) CMD (/usr/local/psa/admin/sbin/backupmng >/dev/null 2>&1)
    Dec  6 14:19:01 s15370354 crond[2460]: (root) CMD (/usr/local/psa/admin/sbin/backupmng >/dev/null 2>&1)
    Dec  6 14:34:01 s15370354 crond[2463]: (root) CMD (/usr/local/psa/admin/sbin/backupmng >/dev/null 2>&1)
    Dec  6 14:49:01 s15370354 crond[2466]: (root) CMD (/usr/local/psa/admin/sbin/backupmng >/dev/null 2>&1)
    Dec  6 15:00:01 s15370354 crond[2469]: (mysql) CMD (/usr/bin/zrm-pre-scheduler --action backup --backup-set DailyRaw --backup-level 1 --interval daily )
    Dec  6 15:00:02 s15370354 crontab[2509]: (mysql) LIST (mysql)
    Dec  6 15:00:02 s15370354 crontab[2512]: (mysql) REPLACE (mysql)
    Dec  6 15:01:01 s15370354 crond[4502]: (mysql) RELOAD (cron/mysql)

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    What OS/distribution are you using?

    crontab uses server timezone. If you are using redhat, use redhat-config-date

    or you set /etc/localtime link correctly.


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    Thanks the problem was I hadn't restarted cron / rebooted the server since updating the time zone.

    Backups are now running at the correct time.

    I did have a problem this morning with the backup not showing under Reports-->Summary but they were running successfully according to Reports-->Events.

    /etc/init.d/zmc_zrm restart

    appears to have fixed that issue.



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    Good to hear that timezone problems are resolved.

    For the report issues, we probably have a patch. Please check Zmanda
    Network downloads for the ZRM 3.1 patch 9203


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