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Thread: "runtapes volumes already written" on FreeBSD with USB tape drive

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    Default "runtapes volumes already written" on FreeBSD with USB tape drive

    I'm using FreeBSD 8.0-RC2 (2009-10-27) and Amanda 2.6.1p1 (compiled from ports). I'm backing up to:

    sa0: <QUANTUM DLT-V4 0A00> Removable Sequential Access SCSI-2 device
    attached via USB, and using a stack of brand new tapes that we bought just for this. I keep getting this error in the dump and flush results:

    The dumps were flushed to tape UnixBackup-10.
    *** A TAPE ERROR OCCURRED: [runtapes volumes already written].
    There are 32465M of dumps left in the holding disk.
    They will be flushed on the next run.
    The next tape Amanda expects to use is: UnixBackup-01.
    FAILURE DUMP SUMMARY: /usr/local/pgsql lev 2  FAILED "runtapes volumes already written" /usr/local/pgsql lev 2  FAILED [too many taper retries] /usr/local/pgsql lev 2: partial taper:  Error writing filemark: Input/output error
    The taper.debug log yields:

    1257351569.949285: taper: warning: Got EIO on /dev/nsa0, assuming end of tape
    1257351569.949345: taper: Device /dev/nsa0 error = 'No space left on device'
    1257351569.949502: taper: Device /dev/nsa0 setting status flag(s): DEVICE_STATUS_VOLUME_ERROR
    1257351580.311166: taper: Device /dev/nsa0 error = 'Error writing filemark: Input/output error'
    1257351580.311257: taper: Device /dev/nsa0 setting status flag(s): DEVICE_STATUS_DEVICE_ERROR, and DEVICE_STATUS_VOLUME_ERROR
    1257351580.311503: taper: device /dev/nsa0 ran out of space
    1257351584.860231: taper: putresult: 4 PARTIAL
    1257351584.860802: taper: getcmd: FILE-WRITE 00-00026 /amanda/20091031233001/ /usr/local/pgsql 2 20091031233001 0
    1257351584.875507: taper: putresult: 26 REQUEST-NEW-TAPE
    1257351584.876098: taper: getcmd: NO-NEW-TAPE "runtapes volumes already written"
    1257351584.883041: taper: Device /dev/nsa0 error = 'Error reading Amanda header'
    1257351584.883085: taper: Device /dev/nsa0 setting status flag(s): DEVICE_STATUS_VOLUME_UNLABELED, and DEVICE_STATUS_VOLUME_ERROR
    1257351584.884471: taper: putresult: 10 FAILED
    1257351584.884933: taper: getcmd: QUIT
    1257351584.884960: taper: putresult: 2 QUITTING
    I've tried swapping with an identical drive off another machine to see if it was a hardware problem, but I'm still getting the same errors. No hardware faults are showing up in the system logs on the machine. I'm at a loss for what to try next. Any suggestions?

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    Default same problem

    I am also have a simular problem, when running amstatus after a dump is finished I am seeing this 0 7415m dump done (4:35:24), wait for writing to tape 1 57m failed to tape: runtapes volumes already written (5:27:15)

    I am at a loss as to the problem. I am using new tapes I have cleaned the drive (Exabyte VXA-320). I do not see any error logs in /temp/amanda or in /var/logs/amanda.

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