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Thread: amanda on Fedora 11

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    Default amanda on Fedora 11

    Hi all
    I installed amanda on fedora 11 by the following commands.
    sudo yum install amamda amanda-client amanda-server

    And I would like to backup my files on an external hard drive. What should I do? I did search on google but found not much helpful information.


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    Try working through the quick start -- [url][/url]. There is a section that covers backup to disk. You may want to read through the whole thing first, and you may need to jump out to other pages in the wiki for clarification as you read. Of course, if you have any specific questions you can't answer while you're doing that, ask them here.

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    I have 3 fedora core servers - One hosting email using Bynari Insight server(call it bynari) One hosting an internal wiki and Samba server for windows clients (call it wiki) and a third that at the moment does nothing (call it amanda) I would like to have Amanda be my central backup server for both bynari and wiki . I have installed the server and client, configured Amanda.conf and .amadnahost on server and clients. But I still get an error whe I run amcheck - here are the results .

    [root@amanda ~]# su amanda
    bash-3.2$ /usr/sbni/amcheck DailySet1
    bash: /usr/sbni/amcheck: No such file or directory
    bash-3.2$ /usr/sbin/amcheck DailySet1
    Amanda Tape Server Host Check
    Holding disk /dumps/amanda: 11364684 KB disk space available, using 11262284 KB
    Changer problem: could not read result from "/usr/lib/amanda/chg-disk"
    changer problem: could not read result from "/usr/lib/amanda/chg-disk" (ex pecting a new tape)
    WARNING: tapecycle (2) <= runspercycle (20).
    NOTE: conf info dir /etc/amanda/DailySet1/curinfo does not exist
    NOTE: it will be created on the next run.
    NOTE: index dir /etc/amanda/DailySet1/index does not exist
    NOTE: it will be created on the next run.
    Server check took 0.184 seconds

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    Please start a new thread with your problem. Posting a new problem on an exiting thread is called hijacking, and is considered to be rude. It confuses the old issue, and makes it less likely that you will get help.

    Please include the versions of Fedora and Amanda. That you refer to Fedora Core rather than Fedora makes me think you are working with very old versions of both. In that case folks are likely to tell you to upgrade.

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