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Thread: Encrypted Backups to Cloud

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    Default Encrypted Backups to Cloud

    I need to backup files and be sure they are stored in an encrypted format in the cloud. I see the options for using a certificate to do this but have been unsuccessful.

    Are there complete and detailed instreuctions I can access?

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    Your Zmanda Network documentation - "Getting Started Manual" for ZCB 2.0, will provide you sufficient documentation to encrypt your backups to the cloud. Relevant sections to read are :

    1 . Choosing what to back up.
    2 . Backup Encryption.

    To summarize, requirements to do Backup Encryption are :
    1. Personal Information Exchange PKCS - PFX digital certificate from a CA that is privileged to sign and encrypt.

    I would advise you to read the manual to configure the certificate for Encryption. Let me know if you need to anything else about the configuration.


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