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    I am new to amanda; i am trying to create an inexpensive backup solution;

    have a DLINK323 NAS with a RAID1 using two 1TB disks; I run debian lenny arm on it per [url];[/url] i managed to get the NAS to run amanda-server and amcheck oks the configuration; amdump then hangs and i could not find a reason; all clients are reachable on the lan; from my understanding of the logs the dumper processes cannot connect though, not even to localhost;

    my alternative approach was to mount a directory holding the vtapes/holding disk on the NAS via nfs (samba server is broken in the chroot debian) to an alternate host and run amanda-server there; same result; amcheck oks and amdump hangs; the mounted file system is usable and i can directly r/w from/to it using cp/mv/rm etc. using a local directory on the host instead of the nfs mounted one works fine;

    i considered backuppc, which would suit me well, but the fact that it does not support encryption ruled it out;

    can amanda backup to vtapes/holdingdisks on a remote file system at all ?

    as a further crutch i consider using glusterfs [url][/url] instead of nfs to provide a remote fs for vtapes, but i haven't set it up yet - anybody any experience with that ?

    i still favor my first idea - the NAs runs the amanda-server, but I just can't get it to work ...

    Any help would be appreciated !


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    In general, you wouldn't want to run a remote holding disk -- that would defeat the purpose of holding disk, which is to spool the data locally before writing to the final storage media.

    Remote vtapes is fine.

    I suspect that your connection problems are caused by using BSD auth instead of BSDTCP. For localhost, you can even use LOCAL auth.

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    glusterfs will be fine to store backup archives.

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