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    Unhappy ZCB Installer launches every time I start ZCB (was NAS Issues)

    I have just finished migrating our file services from a windows 2k3 server to a NAS device. Everything with that migration went well with the exception of backups. ZCB does not let me select a network drive letter, or traverse across my network places to select network shares to backup.

    How can I configure ZCB to handle backups from a NAS using a host W2k3 machine?

    *Update* I tested this on another machine and it seams to allow me to select the mapped drive letters as locations to backup. So let me supply a little more information.

    The machine I first tested this with has a problem with ZCB, where every time I launch the program it runs through the installer. Could this also be the reason that I can't select a network drive to backup?
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