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Thread: How-To make barcode labels

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    Default How-To make barcode labels


    I recently got my tape drive unit to work with Amanda Server. However, I was wondering if there is anyway to get it so that it will label the tapes with the barcodes. Currently, I have to label the tapes as config-x. That isn't so bad becuase I can just look at the changer-barcodes and see what barcode coincides with the label. But for simplistic reasons, and becuase the tape library is kept off site, if I want someone to put a tape in there, it would be easier to just give them the barcode label instead of me having to look it up all the time.
    I know this can be done becuase people have said they have done it, they just don't want to spill the "Trade Secret" I guess.
    If anyone out there has any idea how to do this, please let me know. There are a bunch of us out here that want to know.

    The only thing I haven't tried yet is change the labelstr in amanda.conf to read labelstr "^000[0-9][0-9][0-9]*$" And then just looking at the barcode on the tape before running amlabel and labeling it as such. I was just hoping that there was a way where if the tape needed a label, it would use the barcode scanner and automatically name the tape that so that I don't have to run amlabel for every new tape.

    Thanks for any help
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    This feature is available in Zmanda Management Console (Amanda enterprise 3.0)


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