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Thread: Regarding compression in ZRM for remote backup

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    Default Regarding compression in ZRM for remote backup

    Hai All,

    I have question regarding ZRM performance during remote backup of MySQL. In one of the ZRM site, it has been mentioned that ZRM performs compression after copying data from MySQL server thru network at ZRM server side only to reduce the disk space required for backup.

    If this is true then ZRM will utilize more bandwidth to take backup to copy entire backup without compression.

    Can any one clear the how ZRM performs compression whether before taking backup at MySQL server side or after taking backup at ZRM server side.

    Thanks in Advance

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    If compression is configured, compression is performed in the ZRM server. It helps in
    reducing space for backup images only.


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    Default Performance statistics

    Thank you for your reply.

    If compression is always at ZRM side rather than mysql side. Then in case of remote backup for huge database, always ZRM will utilize more network bandwidth because of copying entire database without compression through internet.

    Please suggest if any other way to reduce bandwidth utilization of ZRM backup utility remotely.

    Otherwise network utilization will be drawback for taking huge database backup through internet

    Thanks in Advance

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