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Thread: Install issues

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    Please provide output of the java command.


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    Can you paste contents of "Program Files\Zmanda\Zmanda Internet Backup\Debug\ZIB_UI_LogFile0.txt" in this thread?

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    I have it figured out. Just for future reference. When running Windows 64 bit OS it has both 32bit and 64 bit IE. It automatically puts the 32bit IE icon on the bottom toolbar. If you launch IE from the toolbar it runs the 32 bit version. So when you go to Sun to install Java it sees the 32 bit browser and downloads the 32 bit version. You need to manually download and install the 64 bit version. If you use both versions of IE then you need both versions of Java. Here is how I trouble shot it.

    So if ZIB opens and closes with no errors it is probably a Java version problem. To check look at the C: drive If Java is installed under the Program Files(x86) folder then go get the 64 bit version manually. It will install under C:\Program Files\Java

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