Hi there

I'm testing our full and incremental backup process and come across the following issue. When I try and restore the first incremental backup, the process appears to work correctly but I get the following message on the console:

dailyrun:restore:INFO: restoring using command mysql --user="backup" --password="*****" -e "source /tmp/8aqbanr88Z;"
dailyrun:restore:INFO: Incremental restore done for database my_db
dailyrun:restore:INFO: Removing all of the uncompressed/unencrypted data
dailyrun:restore:ERROR: could not delete /var/lib/mysql-zrm/dailyrun/20090420122931
dailyrun:restore:ERROR: Restore failed
What does "Removing all of the uncompressed/unencrypted data" mean in this scenario and why does this occur?

I am running the latest stable version of mysql-zrm and I'm running MySQL 5.0.51 on Ubuntu.