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Thread: Backing up views

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    Default Backing up views

    I'm looking at our options for backing up MySQL. We currently use mysqldump and another product.

    Our issues is mysqldump will dump the databases and views, but you cannot restore them as you get errors on import. The errors are because of the views. This happens with both products (mysqldump and the commercial product)

    I see at least one of Zmanda's methods is mysqldump which I can already tell you will fail if it uses the version that comes with our current version of MySQL (5.0.45 RHEL release)

    We currently have to use --ignore-table=dbname.dbtable for each view when dumping the database so that we can actually import it afterwards. Then recreate the views once restored.

    Does anyone have these issues with Zmanda?

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    Go for mysql-ZRM tool..this is awesome and work efficiently


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