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Thread: MySQL Cluster Backup

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    Question MySQL Cluster Backup

    I've looked around Zmanda website/wiki/forums, But never mentioned about support for MySQL Cluster or NDB Storage Engine. Just announced that Zmanda for MySQL can do it with every storage engine.

    At this point, I need to know if Zmanda supports MySQL Cluster backup?

    Looking forward to your kind replies

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    ZRM for MySQL does not support MySQL clusters directly. If you are willing
    to set MySQL cluster to single user mode, you can backup using ZRM for
    MySQL (logical backup).

    Our plan is to support NDB storage engine soon.


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    [URL=]ZRM for MySQL cluster edition[/URL] supports backup and recovery of MySQL cluster in addition to other storage engines.

    For a demo, click [URL=]here[/URL].


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    Default Is it possible to take Backup of Cluster replication


    Is it possible to take backup of Cluster replication.Please let me know whether backup of MySQL cluster replication is possible or not.I want to replicate MySQL Cluster to MySQL server(other than NDB Engine).Iam using MySQL Community version 6.3.20 and SUSE Enterprise edition.

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