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Thread: Full backup to keep?

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    Default Full backup to keep?

    It's that time of year where we do a full 'quarterly' backup, which is where we do a full dump of the disk to tape and then keep those tapes offsite and don't put them back into the rotation.

    The strategy I'm thinking of is basically, tell amanda to do a level 0 dump of everything. Then when this is done see which tapes it used, and remove those tapes from the changer (and the tapelist file).

    I'll then keep those tapes safe (in the safe!) and replace them with fresh tapes.

    Does that sound like a workable strategy? I need to make sure that the tapes I remove will have all I need to do a restore should that be required.

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    I need to do the same thing, but I was thinking of doing it in reverse of what you're doing. I think it makes history and tape selection easier. In my case specifically since I don't have to worry about aged tapes which I need to take out of rotation. The vtapes rsynced to a second server in another facility as my offsite quarterly backup.

    - create a duplicate set of configurations with the same clients, but not the same tapes. (vtapes in my case)
    - initialize new tapes, run amanda against the new config file.

    Can I assume that amanda will do a level 0 in this case?

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    I just had a thought about that, in that, I will have to get AMANDA do to two level 0 backups. Because I'm removing the first level 0 and subsequent incrementals will be useless. So I'll have to do another full backup to keep the integrity of the rotation.

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    Good point. I'm liking my method even more now.

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    Why not just run an amfetchdump on the dumps you want to keep and then copy them to your removable media (hd/tape/SAN/whatever)?

    Why go through the hassle of duplicating your dumps just for an quarterly archive when you already have all the files you need sitting there ready for you. And, every variable you add increases the potential for problems when you need those recoveries.

    If you need fresh level 0 dumps after a specific date, force the dumps to level 0 and wait for the balancer to take care of it, depending upon your setup. Then fetch the level 0 dumps when they're all ready.

    Personally, I just make it easy for myself and fetch all level 0s and greater on a specific date and then archive them. (Granted, I'm using vtapes, so I don't have to worry about tape drive speed.)
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    I actually didn't know that you could "force" a level 0. Also I usually backup just a couple of the machines on a quarterly where the config backups just about everything, so that's another reason that I do a seperate backup for my quarterlies.

    Just out of curiocity how do you force a level 0 for the next backup?

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