I read through the post by jdbradbury and I decided to apply the patch that you posted for him since he was having the same error. (even though I am already using 1.0.2 version). This appears to have fixed it.

FWIW, I am also getting 68 kbs upload. I *think* that is prolly as good as can be expected. I saw similar speeds with Mozy. I have more bandwidth than jdbradbury but not by much. This doesn't mean that I like the speed; just that it's common. I don't think uploading 20+ GB daily is gonna happen anytime soon. I intend to use this like Mozy, just for absolutely critical files. Critical meaning that my business would pretty much cease to exist if they were gone.

jdbradbury, you might want to consider Delta Copy to store backups at your own offsite location. I get significantly faster speeds with this to a location a mile or so away.