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Thread: Windows 2008 x64 & ZIB

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    Default Logs Sent

    Sorry it took me so long to get back to you. I performed the steps that generated the Scheduler.exe crash (basically, started ZIB). I did note that during the log collection it said:

    File not found - user.dmp
    File not found - drwtsn32.log

    Also, please be aware that the Setup Debug Environment doesn't work on W2K8 x64.


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    From the zib logs that you have just sent, there dosen't seem to be a scheduler crash, as no such indication is there in application and system events.
    And that is the reason why you come across the errors

    File not found - user.dmp
    File not found - drwtsn32.log

    Can you please verify that the crash has actully happened ? If not then pl. do the appropriate steps to reproduce the crash.

    Also pl. send us the details of the schedules that you had set up.


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    Default Patch installation for Scheduler crash


    I have uploaded the patch archive (for 64-bit systems) through yousendit at


    You should be able to download the patch from the address mentioned above.

    Steps to install the patch are :

    1 . Unzip the file.
    2 . Rename the file 'patch.bat.txt' to 'patch.bat'.
    3 . Double click on patch.bat.
    (This would automatically Stop the service,Copy the required files and Start the service again).


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    Default Fixed

    This patch resolved the issue on both W2K3 x64 and W2K8 x64.


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