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Thread: Please help!! "amrecover: Can't read file header"

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    Question Please help!! "amrecover: Can't read file header"


    I am trying to recover files from a Ultrium LTO2 tape, the tape works normally but, accidentally i run the amlabel to put the same label on the tape.

    When i try to recover the files i get the following errors:

    UNKNOWN file
    amrecover: Can't read file header
    extract_list - child returned non-zero status: 1
    Continue [?/Y/n/r]?

    I am sure the files i need is in this Tape.

    I am using amanda 2.5, Fedora Core 9 and a Ultrium LTO2 tape.

    I need this files so much, please somebody help me!

    Thank you

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    Amlabel writes a 1-block header file, followed by an EOT indication, effectively preventing access to the remainder of the data. If you want to recover the data on the tape, you'll need to convince the drive to read past the EOT. I have no idea if that is even possible. Can you call the drive vendor to see if they have some kind of data-recovery service?

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