I am getting the error:

taper: time 4.501: syncpipe_get: w: unexpected EOF
taper: time 4.528: pid 11846 finish time Wed Sep 13 00:34:29 2006

After the taper on the server dies, then the client also gives this error:

sendbackup: time 179.775: index tee cannot write [Broken pipe]
sendbackup: time 179.775: pid 2277 finish time Wed Sep 13 00:37:23 2006
sendbackup: time 179.775: 117: strange(?): sendbackup: index tee cannot write [Broken pipe]
sendbackup: time 179.776: 117: strange(?): sed: couldn't flush stdout: Broken pipe
sendbackup: time 179.777: 46: size(|): Total bytes written: 51200 (50KiB, ?/s)
sendbackup: time 179.778: 117: strange(?): gtar: -: Cannot write: Broken pipe
sendbackup: time 179.778: 117: strange(?): gtar: Error is not recoverable: exiting now
sendbackup: time 179.785: error [/bin/gtar returned 2]

Obviously because it can't write to the taper on the server.

All the other filesystems on this host are working OK.

The only difference with this filesystem is that it contains over 300GB of data, so will not fit onto a single LTO2 tape, so I have to use the tape spanning feature of amanda (which is why I recently upgraded).

Version Data:

Server and Client are Red Hat Enterprise Linux AS release 4 (Nahant Update 4)
Linux 2.6.9-42.0.2.ELsmp #1 SMP
tar-1.15.1-11.FC4 (on server and client)

After reading some forums I upgraded tar thinking that it might be the version that was the problem. The forums suggested that tar-1.15.1-11.FC4 would work OK with RHEL4 and it didn't give any errors OR make any difference to the above amanda problems.

I have seen references to the syncpipe_get error but they all refer to a firewall issue.

I reviewed and fixed all my firewall configurations and no other filesystem has any problem with broken pipes.

Any help would be appreciated!! (please tell it is a stupid mistake on my part )

Thanks Adrian