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    I am making remote backups of a few servers in a dc and I am trying to limit the bandwidth used by amanda since I need to pay for my bw

    I know ssh can be used for transport of the data and I have noticed that options can be set in the .ssh/config file. The only option mentioned in most of the search hits is the "port" option. I know that ssh can be told to limit it's bandwidth with the -l option. Is there any way that I can pass this to amanda and if so where would I do this and how? If not, does any one have a suggestion how to limit the bw used by the backups?

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    I'm not sure what makes you think -l will limit SSH's bandwidth. From the manpage:
         -l login_name
                 Specifies the user to log in as on the remote machine.  This also may be specified on a per-host basis in the configuration file.
    The best way to limit bandwidth is going to be using kernel-level traffic shaping.

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    ehm -DOH-

    scp knows the option... I must have been sleeping. Very well I'll have to go the kernel way. thanks.

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