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Thread: Samba drive backup problems

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    Hi Folks,

    I've recently been grappling with getting Amanda up and running on a Fedora box to backup some local data, plus a number of Samba NAS drives. The local drive backups have been working great, but I've been having problems with smbclient seg-faulting mid-run for the Samba drives.

    I'm pretty sure this is a problem in smbclient rather than any improper use/integration with Amanda as I can recreate the issue on the command line directly with smbclient in tar-mode. It seems to be related to the quantity of data (or file structure) being backed up as it seems to work on smaller repositories. I'm currently running Samba 3.2.5 on Fedora 10 with Amanda 2.6.0.

    As a workaround I'm replicating the Samba drives to a local drive using rsync, and then using Amanda to backup the local version. This seems to be working okay, although its obviously a bit messy with the extra hop for data transfer and the overhead in disk space. Are there any other pitfall's I ought to be considering with this approach?

    Any thoughts on the smbclient problem would also be appreciated


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    That is strange. Despite the additional resources, I think the rsync solution is a good intermediate solution until more is understood with Samba seg-faulting during larger backups. Have web searches provided any help? Any helpful log messages? Rsync should copy over any changes which Amanda will pick up on in sequence. I've had some problem with picking up on only changed files with rsync when using Windows file systems but if this is working for you seems like a good solution for the time.


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