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Thread: What about IOMEGA REV35GB ?

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    Default What about IOMEGA REV35GB ?


    I would like to use Amanda with my Iomega REV disk.

    Is Amanda can use this device?

    I try to cinfigure it, but when i use "#amcheck clt daily" the system print:

    Amanda Tape Server Host Check

    wait for about 1 min and finaly print:

    insert tape into slot 1 and press return

    my amanda config file is:

    org "daily"
    mailto "xxxx@xxxxxx.xx"
    dumpcycle 1 weeks
    runspercycle 4
    tapecycle 5 tapes
    tpchanger "chg-manual"
    tapedev "/dev/scd0"
    changerfile "/etc/amanda/daily/changer"

    infofile "/etc/amanda/daily/curinfo"
    logdir "/etc/amanda/daily/log"
    indexdir "/etc/amanda/daily/index"

    tapetype REV_35GB
    labelstr "^Daily[0-9][0-9]*$"

    ctimeout 30
    dumpuser "amanda"
    inparallel 4
    dumporder "sssS"
    taperalgo first
    displayunit "m"
    netusage 600 Kbps
    bumpsize 20 Mb
    bumppercent 20
    bumpdays 1
    bumpmult 4

    etimeout 300
    dtimeout 1800
    tapebufs 20

    runtapes 1
    maxdumpsize -1

    amrecover_do_fsf yes
    amrecover_check_label yes
    amrecover_changer "/dev/null"

    define tapetype REV_35GB {
    comment "IOMEGA REV disk size 35GB"
    length 35000 mbytes
    filemark 100 kbytes
    speed 25000 mbytes

    define dumptype global {
    comment "Global definitions"

    define dumptype always-full {
    comment "Full dump of this filesystem always"
    compress none
    priority high
    dumpcycle 0
    define dumptype user-tar {
    comment "user partitions dumped with tar"
    priority medium


    define interface local {
    comment "a local disk"
    use 1000 kbps

    define interface le0 {
    comment "10 Mbps ethernet"
    use 400 kbps

    Any Ideas?

    Thanks for your help

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    Hi Gecko,

    You should be able to use USB Iomega REV disks with Amanda. Before using
    it with Amanda, you should create a filesystem and mount the device (/dev/scd0).

    Amanda will treat Iomega REV devices as disks and do disk based backup.
    See [url][/url] for more information
    on how to set up disk based backup.


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