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Thread: amrecover problem

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    Quote Originally Posted by michas View Post
    ok, I finally solved the problem. the cause was that solaris is managing services with its own manager, even the services defined in inetd.conf, these services entries are transformed to xml files (/var/svc/manifest) which are the used. Even if I change the inetd.conf entries these changes are NOT refreshed in these xml files, even entries that are commented out are NOT refreshed and appropriate xml files still exists and these services deleted in inetd.conf are still running... You have to stop them manually using this svcadm service manager and delete these xml files manually. Then You can add new entries in inetd.conf and refresh services (map them to the xml files). This is a bit weird, sounds like a bug... but that's it thanks for help anyway,

    You can use inetconv to convert inetd.conf entries to smf. You can also use
    2.6.0p2 Solaris images from [url][/url]


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    You can use inetconv to convert inetd.conf entries to smf
    Yes, i can, and I did that, but as I wrote, inetconv did NOT refresh these xml files... I had to delete them and then run inetconv to generate them from the scratch...

    regards, Michał

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