Okay - I've been trying to install Amanda 2.6 and just was having a lot of problems - so I went and got the Ubuntu Debian installers for 2.6 off the Zmanda site and started working my way through these instructions - [url]http://network.zmanda.com/pdf/Amanda_Community_Setup_15_minutes.pdf[/url] - but I get through to the Setup the Backup Server, and I try to run amserverconfig and I get

ERROR: /usr/local/sbin/amserverconfig must be run by backup
So I switch to user backup - and run the same command and it says
ERROR: Cannot create logfile: Permission denied
. So I figure that the files are going to be created in /var/log/amanda - I check the permissions and they're correct. As the backup user, I'm able to create files and directories in /var/log/amanda.

So what now?