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Thread: Amanda 2.6 install with instructions

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    Default Amanda 2.6 install with instructions

    Okay - I've been trying to install Amanda 2.6 and just was having a lot of problems - so I went and got the Ubuntu Debian installers for 2.6 off the Zmanda site and started working my way through these instructions - [url][/url] - but I get through to the Setup the Backup Server, and I try to run amserverconfig and I get

    ERROR: /usr/local/sbin/amserverconfig must be run by backup
    So I switch to user backup - and run the same command and it says
    ERROR: Cannot create logfile: Permission denied
    . So I figure that the files are going to be created in /var/log/amanda - I check the permissions and they're correct. As the backup user, I'm able to create files and directories in /var/log/amanda.

    So what now?

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    Debian and Ubuntu use a different user -- backup -- as you found. The logfile, however, is under /tmp/amanda, which is probably owned by amandabackup.

    You should also verify that dumpuser in "amanda.conf" is "backup" and not "amandabackup".

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    Default Got the package here - not from Debian

    [url][/url] - and downloaded the one for Version 2.6.0p1, Ubuntu Hardy Server for i386 and it does the install with amandabackup as the user and group disk
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    Did you perchance upgrade from an Ubuntu native package to Zmanda community?

    Our packages currently don't clobber existing configs, or change perms on existing directories. I think this results in mismatched users being listed in the amanda.conf, and perms, as well as other subtle problems. The pre and post install scripts should output logs warning about what is not correct, so I'd look there first.

    We also keep a copy of our standard amanda conf in /var/lib/amanda/example/. I'd run diff on the example and the amanda.conf that's giving you problems.

    If you're still stuck, post the logs, and the diff of the running config vs the example config.

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    Default Thanks but I think I got it

    I just kept hammering away at it. My bigest problem was finding a manual that matched what I was doing between Ubuntu / S3 / etc - but when I downloaded the Hardy Ubuntu packages from Zmanda, I felt that I was getting somewhere - so I stuck with that.

    My other big hurdle was understanding that the error for the client "connection refused" when running amcheck meant that I needed to look at permissions on my client - not issues on the server. It finally ended up that a symbolic link to the log files was the culprit - found it through doing locates and finds on the client box and changing the chmod to 600 - since nothing else seemed to work.

    So now amcheck runs correctly and amdump runs to completion (I think - it doesn't use a process after a while, so I just killed the process and put in a cron job). I'll want to test tonight for a full backup and check for recovery. But thanks for the help!

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