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Thread: A TAPE ERROR OCCURRED: [[writing file: Input/output error]].

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    Default A TAPE ERROR OCCURRED: [[writing file: Input/output error]].

    Hi there,

    I'm using Amanda version 2.4.4p3 in the Linux Open Suse 9.3. My backup working fine before this

    Recently, i upgrade by backup tape drive from HP Storage DAT72 to HP-LTO1 Ultrium 200GB. So i made some amendment in amanda.conf in

    tapetype definition

    define tapetype HP-Ultrium {
    comment "HP Ultrium 1-SCSI"
    length 101376 mbytes
    filemark 0 kbytes
    speed 7211 kps

    Everything working fine when i run amcheck commmand. No error shown. But when amdump command run, i see the following error

    These dumps were to tape Wednesday.
    *** A TAPE ERROR OCCURRED: [[writing file: Input/output error]].
    Some dumps may have been left in the holding disk.
    Run amflush to flush them to tape.
    The next tape Amanda expects to use is: Thursday

    I'm googling in the internet and found this article


    As per adviced, i set the blocksize to variable (0) and turn off the compression but it does not help me

    Some article said that Amanda doesn't 'tar' directly to tape, so it's not tar's blocksize
    you need to change. Amanda does its writing to tape with a default
    blocksize of 32KiB.

    Please adviced me

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    Have you confirmed that you can read/write to the tape device directly outside of Amanda?


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