The Amanda core team is pleased to announce the
first beta release of Amanda 2.5.1, the 2.5.1b1 release.

Source tar ball can be downloaded from

RPMs are also available for following platforms:
- Red Hat Enterprise server 4,
- Red Hat Enterprise server 3
- Suse Linux Enterprise 9,
- Suse Linux Enterprise 10,
- Open Suse 10.0,
- Fedora Core 3,
- Fedora Core 4,
- Fedora Core 5 and
- Source RPM

You can find the updated man pages and documentation in [url][/url]

Please report bugs found in these RPMs in sourceforge bug
tracker (use group v2.5.1b1)

2.5.1 features
- Open SSL encryption support
- amrecover uses secure API
- amoldrecover uses the old amindexd/amidxtaped protocol
- New authentication protocols - bsdudp, bsdtcp (bsdtcp uses only 2 ports for
- Configuration (amanda.conf) override option (-o) for Amanda commands.
- Support for binary path names (spaces in filenames) for file names
in amanda.conf and disklist.
- Code cleanups: Lint clean, 64bit clean, memory/file descriptor leaks
fixed using valgrind tool, Coverity scan, Klocwork K7 analysis
- amfetchdump -o is replaced by -O
- amrecover_do_fsf and amrecover_check_label default to yes
- Unlimited number of DLE on a client with bsdtcp/rsh or ssh auth.
- amandad_path, client_username and ssh_keys (for ssh/rsh)
- client config file (see man amanda-client.conf). Only used by amrecover.
- usetimestamps for multiple backup runs in a day