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    Default Configuration Issue

    I have a client that wants to do a full backup every day. No matter what tape is in the drive, they want it overwritten with the current days backup.

    I think I have it correct, but every few days I get an error message looking like it is trying to append to the tape rather than overwrite it (see below for error message).

    Here is the amanda.conf file I am using (I have removed the drive definitions and any extra comments):

    org "XXXXXXXX" # your organization name for reports
    mailto "amanda" # space separated list of operators at your site
    dumpuser "amanda" # the user to run dumps under

    inparallel 4 # maximum dumpers that will run in parallel (max 63)
    dumporder "sssS" # specify the priority order of each dumper
    taperalgo first # The algorithm used to choose which dump image to displayunit "k" # Possible values: "k|m|g|t"
    netusage 600 Kbps # maximum net bandwidth for Amanda, in KB per sec
    dumpcycle 0 days # the number of days in the normal dump cycle
    runspercycle 1 # the number of amdump runs in dumpcycle days
    tapecycle 2 tapes # the number of tapes in rotation
    bumpsize 20 Mb # minimum savings (threshold) to bump level 1 -> 2
    bumppercent 20 # minimum savings (threshold) to bump level 1 -> 2
    bumpdays 1 # minimum days at each level
    bumpmult 4 # threshold = bumpsize * bumpmult^(level-1)
    etimeout 3600 # number of seconds per filesystem for estimates.
    dtimeout 1800 # number of idle seconds before a dump is aborted.
    ctimeout 30 # maximum number of seconds that amcheck waits
    tapebufs 20
    runtapes 1 # number of tapes to be used in a single run of amdump
    tapedev "/dev/nst0" # the no-rewind tape device to be used
    label_new_tapes "XXX-%%%"
    maxdumpsize -1 # Maximum number of bytes the planner will tapetype ExabyteVX2 # what kind of tape it is (see tapetypes below)
    labelstr "^XXX-[0-9][0-9]*$" # label constraint regex: all tapes must amrecover_do_fsf yes # amrecover will call amrestore with the
    amrecover_check_label yes # amrecover will call amrestore with the

    holdingdisk hd1 {
    comment "main holding disk"
    directory "/dumps/amanda" # where the holding disk is
    use -20 Gb # how much space can we use on it
    chunksize 1Gb # size of chunk if you want big dump to be

    autoflush yes #
    infofile "/etc/amanda/XXX/curinfo" # database DIRECTORY
    logdir "/etc/amanda/XXX" # log directory
    indexdir "/etc/amanda/XXX/index" # index directory

    define tapetype ExabyteVX2 {
    comment "just produced by tapetype program"
    length 76550 mbytes
    filemark 3951 kbytes
    speed 3943 kps

    define dumptype global {
    comment "Global definitions"
    estimate CALCSIZE

    define dumptype always-full {
    comment "Full dump of this filesystem always"
    compress none
    priority high
    dumpcycle 0

    define dumptype root-tar {
    program "GNUTAR"
    comment "root partitions dumped with tar"
    compress none
    priority low

    define dumptype comp-server-tar {
    compress server fast
    priority high

    I am only backing up one directory so the disklist line is as follows: /home comp-server-tar

    This is the error I get in a email message:

    hese dumps were to tape XXX-010.
    *** A TAPE ERROR OCCURRED: [No more writable valid tape found].
    Some dumps may have been left in the holding disk.
    Run amflush to flush them to tape.
    The next tape Amanda expects to use is: XXX-001.

    FAILURE AND STRANGE DUMP SUMMARY: /home lev 0 FAILED [out of tape] /home lev 0 FAILED [data write: Broken pipe] /home lev 0 FAILED [dump to tape failed]

    Total Full Incr.
    -------- -------- --------
    Estimate Time (hrs:min) 0:05
    Run Time (hrs:min) 4:39
    Dump Time (hrs:min) 0:00 0:00 0:00
    Output Size (meg) 0.0 0.0 0.0
    Original Size (meg) 0.0 0.0 0.0
    Avg Compressed Size (%) -- -- --
    Filesystems Dumped 0 0 0
    Avg Dump Rate (k/s) -- -- --

    Tape Time (hrs:min) 0:51 0:00 0:51
    Tape Size (meg) 16939.5 0.0 16939.5
    Tape Used (%) 22.1 0.0 22.1 (level:#disks ...)
    Filesystems Taped 4 0 4 (1:3 2:1)

    Chunks Taped 0 0 0
    Avg Tp Write Rate (k/s) 5615.4 -- 5615.4

    Label Time Size % Nb Nc
    Fairmount-010 0:51 17346048K 22.1 4 0


    /-- /home lev 0 FAILED [data write: Broken pipe]
    sendbackup: start [ level 0]
    sendbackup: info BACKUP=/bin/tar
    sendbackup: info RECOVER_CMD=/bin/tar -f... -
    sendbackup: info end
    | gtar: ./Scalix/temp/imap-admin.23964: socket ignored
    | gtar: ./Scalix/temp/imap-admin.32547: socket ignored
    | gtar: ./Scalix/temp/imap-core.118: socket ignored
    | gtar: ./Scalix/temp/imap-core.124: socket ignored
    | gtar: ./Scalix/temp/lic: socket ignored
    | gtar: ./Scalix/temp/mime_browse: socket ignored
    | gtar: ./Scalix/temp/sessd_socket: socket ignored
    | gtar: ./Scalix/temp/smtpd_socket: socket ignored

    planner: Last full dump of on tape overwritten in 1 run.
    planner: Incremental of bumped to level 3.
    taper: tape XXX-010 kb 68824384 fm 5 writing file: No space left on device

    -------------------------- ------------------------------------- -------------
    clglnxfp1.fa /home 1 N/A 5130784 -- N/A N/A 15:13 5617.0
    clglnxfp1.fa /home 1 N/A 5190400 -- N/A N/A 15:22 5627.1
    clglnxfp1.fa /home 1 N/A 5501632 -- N/A N/A 16:21 5606.5
    clglnxfp1.fa /home 2 N/A 1523232 -- N/A N/A 4:32 5602.7
    clglnxfp1.fa /home 0 FAILED --------------------------------------------

    (brought to you by Amanda version 2.5.0p2)

    Thanks for any help you can give me,

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    Default FAQ:Why does Amanda not append to a tape?

    U can refer to this article


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